State of Wisconsin

Flu season reaches peak later than usual, number of patients drops nationally

UHS says there is still possibility of flu case on campus until end of semester


University Health Services work to ‘support sisters, not just cis-ters’ is promising for a more inclusive future

While institutional efforts to increase inclusivity are important, such efforts need to be part of a greater, campus-wide conversation

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: UW recognizes need for sexual assault reporting software and is dedicated to supporting students

Administration officials provide context for decision to reject Callisto sexual assault reporting software in favor of more productive changes


Mental health and students of color: An oppressive, neglected epidemic

Accessibility to mental health resources is important for everyone, but students of color lack accessibility more than their white counterparts

UW-Madison Campus

UHS Women’s Health Clinic Director discusses efforts for increased access to reproductive healthcare

Mary Landry hopes for the same open-access idea in women's health that exists in the primary care clinic

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Students suffer from lack of accessibility to mental health services

UW's failure to provide adequate, accessible mental health services jeopardizes health of many students on campus

UW-Madison Campus

ASM forms mental health subcommittee, endorses HMoob American Studies Certificate

After voting unanimously against UHS' budget in previous meeting, ASM voted unanimously to form mental health committee

UW-Madison Campus

UHS appoints Jake Baggott as new executive director

Baggott to bring diverse experiences to role as first-generation college student, veteran

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC passes recommendations for UHS budget, calls for more mental healthcare providers

SSFC also passed Wisconsin Union budget

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC unanimously votes against 2020 UHS budget

ASM chair Billy Welsh expressed concerns over lack of transparency during UHS' budget formulation process