UW-Madison Campus

UW study finds student athletes report better mental health than non-athlete peers

Researchers hope study will prompt review, reassessment of mental health programs at universities nationwide

UW-Madison Campus

UHS providers discuss mental health support for men of color

Stigma continues to be a problem when addressing equity in mental health care


Lack of psychiatrists in Wisconsin, unsatisfactory mental health services on campus fail students

With shortage of psychiatric professionals and complicated process of navigating UHS, many of UW's most vulnerable are left without care

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin faces ‘significant shortage’ of psychiatrists, experts say

Influx of patients, increase in diagnoses, decrease in social stigma regarding mental health thought to be leading causes of shortage


Traditional midterms are more beneficial than students realize

Despite negative stressors exams tend to bring, valuable resilience can be gained from traditional forms of testing


Politicians seem to care about mental health resources, now it’s on us to destigmatize

Politicians and society must build off of each other to properly address, treat mental illness


Your 10-step plan to a successful mental breakdown

With midterms, projects looming, follow this guide to get most out of mental breakdowns

State of Wisconsin

Ketamine fosters new hope in medical community as antidepressant

Popularly known as party drug, Ketamine is now helping Wisconsin residents with severe depression battle their symptoms

State of Wisconsin

Joe Parisi announces increased funds for mental health, addiction services in 2019

Funds will hire more mental health professionals, expand treatment programs, put Narcan in more businesses


Hump Day: National Suicide Prevention Month remains important reminder of empathy

With September marking National Suicide Prevention Month, here's a list of mental health resources available on campus