State of Wisconsin

Ketamine fosters new hope in medical community as antidepressant

Popularly known as party drug, Ketamine is now helping Wisconsin residents with severe depression battle their symptoms


Hump Day: National Suicide Prevention Month remains important reminder of empathy

With September marking National Suicide Prevention Month, here's a list of mental health resources available on campus


UW study proves children deserve better than current gun culture

Correlation between presence of firearms, child depression cause for gun control, stricter regulations

Hump Day

Hump Day: Tips for combatting seasonal depression to have a successful cuffing season

Remember that living with a mental illness does not mean you must strip yourself of your sexuality


StoriesEtc: ‘Deflated’ captures tolls of silent sadness, untreated trauma

ArtsEtc. editor Kristin Washagan offers personal take on loneliness

Letter to the Editor

Mental health awareness education must be required for all students in health care

Suicide prevalence in Wisconsin is only growing, UW must implement widespread orientations


Even in the absence of visual evidence, mental illness is often as crippling as physical disability

Depression, among other psychological conditions, can be marginalizing

Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter: Derek Brady talks music, mental illness

Music is a force more powerful than any


608 Release: Kenny Hoopla dazes, amazes on debut EP

'Beneath the Willow Tree' has serious Cudi vibes


Danny Brown shows different side of eccentricity on “Atrocity Exhibition”

Rapper's third installment describes his hectic life from a new perspective