Post Animal brings high-energy psychedelia to High Noon

Future Lollapalooza performers open with dream punk band Slow Pulp, full of mosh pits, stage dives

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Erica Uyenbat/The Badger Herald

Intensely tuned into the versatility of their sound, Post Animal resounds in the memories and ears of every single audience member at the High Noon Saloon. The neo-psych rockers felt like a gap in the time-space continuum, a moment of total bliss.

Madison’s very own — Slow Pulp and Tippy, set the stage before Post Animal brought their pure energy. Satisfying with the sweetness of dream punk and a bit of shoegaze haziness, Slow Pulp shined with lead singer Emily Massey’s wistful voice echoing over the garage rock that filled the room. As an opener, Slow Pulp remarkably exceeded their capacity, making them utterly memorable.

By the time Post Animal came on, the crowd was getting antsy and it showed. With sweaty college students trooping together up front, High Noon felt more like a DIY venue. Seemingly, moshing is definitely indicative of a Post Animal crowd, as people kept climbing up on the edge of the stage and diving into the crowd. Not batting an eye, the band’s only acknowledgment came from checking up on the safety of the moshers. While crowd surfing and mosh pits were the key features of the show, the absolute brilliance of Post Animal resonates far deeper.

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Starting off with “Gelatin Mode,” a crowd favorite from their latest album, When I Think Of You In A Castle, Post Animal broke into the soundscape — ready to jostle. The band’s knack for driving guitar riffs and compelling chord progression offers an energy that is incomparable in the current indie rock landscape.  

Even with five members in the band, the sound isn’t cluttered, rather an eclectic amalgam of psychedelic riffs, pop hooks and pounding drums. Symbolic of the friendship the bandmates treasure, their sound explores so much in the same song, the same album and the same band.

From start to finish, Post Animal incited sheer pandemonium. Moving on to “Susie” and “Special Moment,” Post Animal’s charisma on stage is significant and telling. For a band that grew up in the DIY Chicago scene, Post Animal solidifies their presence on larger stages and seem like seasoned professionals. With almost three years of practice under their belt — their confidence and dedication show.

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Post Animal’s return to Madison was warmly welcomed by loyal fans, but particularly by the friends and family of Jake Hirshland, guitarist and keyboardist. Vocalizing his gratitude about headlining High Noon, Hirshland and the other members felt that coming to Madison was like coming home. Sincerely endearing, Madison is definitely proud of Hirshland and the collective success of Post Animal.

With future tour dates at major music festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, Post Animal is gaining ground — at a rapid pace at that. This is a band that is coming to full fruition, their latest album and their extensive tour is a manifestation of their commitment to their craft. Post Animal is an ascending arpeggio, scaling into the stratosphere.


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