While nestled in the dream-pop sphere, Porches preserves a signature sound but manages to produce albums that are equal parts fresh and inviting.

The main man behind the synth pop project, New Yorker Aaron Maine, has released three studio albums under the moniker. Careening to the forefront of the indie music scene, Porches’ fundamental distinction relies on Maine’s vulnerable vocals amidst a synth-laden, pop track.

Maine’s own characterization, “bummer pop,” is particularly suitable to the feel of Porches’ sound. Currently on tour in support of his latest album The House, Maine speaks to the difficulties associated with life on the road.

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“For me, it’s just about missing home. That’s probably the worst part. I like performing with my band and meeting new people, but I just have severe FOMO (fear of missing out),” Maine said. “I miss my girlfriend. I miss my brother. I miss my apartment. It’s like these long chunks of time where you have to leave and you’re very unavailable.”

To try and combat the stresses of touring, Maine and his band members, Maya Laner, Kevin Farrant, Cameron Wisch and Seiya Jewell, stay consistent with their routines while traveling.

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Utilizing what little time they have in between shows, the band shops at local vintage thrift stores and tries to dine on any local cuisine, like poutine in Montreal, Maine said.  

“I try to have a shower every morning and collect myself. Everyone is sort of on the same page, being mindful of each other. Some of us meditate … and the response has been really positive, so that helps,” Maine said. “But no matter what, you’re still away from home and there’s people that you miss. It’ll be complicated no matter what you do.”

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With Porches rising through the ranks, Maine intends to maintain his creative process. While Maine has collaborated with the likes of Frankie Cosmos, Alex G and Dev Hynes, his writing and recording process is very much an actualization of the themes in his music.

Remaining deeply ingrained in the elements of introspection, Maine’s solitary creative process attests to his devotion to his craft.

Apart from music, Maine has ventured into other creative realms such as painting and writing poems. Slow Dance in the Cosmos’ album cover art is his own work, and he wishes to release a book of his poems one day.

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Melding all his interests and worlds together, Porches has become an authentic account of Maine’s experiences with self-discovery, heartbreak and his pursuit to be understood.

The House showcases Maine’s intent to create music that’s true to himself. It is a far more personal composition, with his father Peter Maine featured in one of the tracks.

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“I had heard this song he had written and asked him to send me the vocal tape, and rearranged it with new chords and kind of pitched his voice and added some production, just for fun,” Maine said. “When I was done, I liked it so much, and thought it would be super cool and weird to include it on the record. It opened up the album for me in a way.”

As Maine becomes more self-assured, Porches’ sound undertakes a noticeable shift in sound, making it both compelling and carefree.