Bone broth pop-up shop now open in lobby of MMoCA

Art museum holds more than visuals, eatery serving for limited time

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Caitlin Suemnicht/Food Fight Restaurant Group

Fresco Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge, a restaurant located in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, has been open for almost 16 years.

Fresco prepares bone broth for cooking, and has recently created a drinking broth, called Good Broth, which can be sipped independently on its own, or with a date, depending on what your Valentine’s Day plans are.

The seasonal drinking broth bar lives up to its timely definition, Good Broth will be gone just a month after Valentine’s Day.

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MMoCA has wanted Fresco to do a pop up in the lobby for some time, but the restaurant was having trouble figuring out an efficient and worthwhile approach to translating Fresco’s food into a lunch option. Coming up with a way to prevent wasting food that may not be sold during the limited lunchtime hours of the day was the only obstacle in its path.

But bone broth is already made in the restaurant upstairs and is constantly infused into Fresco’s cooking method. Therefore, any unsold broth would not be wasted. The cooking broth recipe was modified to make it substantially tastier to drink by itself.

Good Broth, a prior phenomenon typically popular in larger markets and cities (generally with cold weather), such as New York, was suggested by Caitlin Suemnicht, Chief Creative Officer at Food Fight Restaurant Group.

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“If this is going to work in Wisconsin, this is the right season for it,” Suemnicht said.

Suemnicht had personally begun drinking bone broth after breaking her arm and researching ways that can potentially strengthen bones, and make your body heal faster and feel healthier. She came across the idea on social media because, as a member of the restaurant business, it is inevitable to constantly be updated with new food trends.

Suemnicht felt nothing but positive effects from the broth, as her body began to recover and her sleep quality began to improve.

“It was a nice afternoon pick me up if I didn’t want to be drinking coffee all day,” Suemnicht said.

The broth is high in protein, yet low in calories and contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids that result from preparing bone broth the correct way.

It is more beneficial to use grass-fed animals because there can be toxins otherwise, Suemnicht said.

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“We just care that it tastes good and is an interesting alternative to a coffee shop,” Suemnicht said.

Most people drink it as more of an afternoon snack, as opposed to a meal replacement, Suemnicht said.  

The drink is offered in two different flavors: Classic Chicken Broth and Good Broth. Classic Chicken is made with a mixture of meat, bones, vegetables and spices, such as carrots, celery, onion, garlic, as well as fresh herbs, parsley, turmeric, san marzano tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, and miso.

Good Broth consists of beef, chicken meat and bones mixed with san marzano tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, fresh herbs. Additional boosts are offered as well, such as an immunity boost, or spicy or ginger boost.

Good Broth is being promoted on social media, as it does not coincide with a huge advertising cost, Suemnicht said. Good Broth reached out to local food bloggers and other small-scale social media influencers in the area as well.

Fresco wanted to try Good Broth for a two-month run until March 16.

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“I think that’s going to be pretty firm, but if it just keeps going strong we may extend another month, and if we did that, of course, we would just post that on social media and our website,” Suemnicht said.

If you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone, Good Broth delivers to the local Madison area through EatStreet as well.


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