Cults graced the High Noon Saloon with their presence Oct. 25, delivering everything you could expect and more.

The evening kicked off with Hideout and Cullen Omori as openers. As Omori played hits including “Synthetic Romance” and “Two Kinds,” from his new album, New Misery, it became clear he had his own designated fan-base in attendance. 

Cults then introduced their set with the song “Offering,” also the title of the group’s brand new album, which was released Oct. 6. This song deviates slightly from their previous music, with a more electronic sound. The lyrics of the chorus, “Hanging at the end of a rope / But I can make you an offering / Such a terrifying joke / But I can make you an offering,” accompany a darker sound that alludes back to their older music, particularly the beginning of “Always Forever” from their 2013 album, Static.

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After “Offering,” they followed up with older favorites, “Abducted” and “Always Forever,” which they introduced as a love song, and then thanked the audience for singing with them.

After this brief blast from the past, the band transitioned back to the present, and played their current hit, “I Took Your Picture.” The band mentioned that the last time they had played at High Noon Saloon was five years ago, and gave a shout-out to those who had been at their concert back in the day. Then they jumped into the Halloween spirit and played an eerie-sounding song as an interlude.

During the show, the band played with symmetry in their digital background, which featured broken images that mirrored a kaleidoscope and other abstract shapes interspersed with occasional video footage of the band members. The videos corresponded to the tone of each song, which vary in sound from slightly unsettling to more relaxed and care-free.

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They continued with the songs “Never Heal Myself,” from their 2011 debut album, titled after the band, and then played several more tracks from their newly-released album, including “Right Words” and “Gilded Lily.” “Gilded Lily” speaks to a complicated relationship, with the lyrics: “Always the fool with the slowest heart / But I know you’ll take me with you.” It has a slow, melancholy tone that aligns with the words.

Brian Oblivion, one of the band members then said, “I’m having more fun at this show than I have the whole tour,” referring to the show’s relaxed atmosphere and their gratitude for the opportunity to be flexible.

Before ending the night, Cults concluded with “You know what I mean” — their most famous track.

“This one goes out to you, Madison – goes out, if that gives you a hint,” Madeline Follin said before playing “Go Outside,” which was the perfect ending to their show.