Morgan Saint explores the highs and lows of love on her debut EP, 17 Hero, which was released Oct. 13 under Epic Records.

The lyrics offer insights into Saint’s personal life throughout the entire EP, and even though it clocks in at only 19 minutes, it feels like I understand her entire situation. Anyone who listens to 17 Hero will be able to tell Saint thought each song through with a high level of introspection. The speed of the songs is slow, which matches the vulnerable lyrics, yet each song is accompanied by a minimalist beat that made me move and sway.

The opening track introduces a potential lover that seems to become a motif throughout the EP. In the beginning, she doesn’t think the relationship will work. She needs to focus on herself before she ends up with the negative aspects of the relationship. Luckily, she realizes this, and with lines such as, “I can’t lose my mind while wishing for you,” Saint reminds herself that obsessing over a relationship that may never come to fruition isn’t healthy.

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The fourth track, “For God’s Sake,” echoes this realization that she should not be waiting around for a relationship to happen. The lyrics are relatable throughout the entire project, but lines such as, “And I’m just a damn fool / For waiting for my fragile heart to break,” seem capable of resonating with all. Everyone wants their relationship to be successful, but sometimes it’s hard to accept the truth that it’s not going to work out in the end.

“For God’s Sake” will cause listeners to contemplate their options. Do you wait for your lover, or do you move on to someone else?

Morgan Saint’s introspection was so deep and relatable that the lyrics make me think about the relationships in my own life. It’s a special talent to be able to make such relatable content while doing it in a way that isn’t necessarily sad, but thought provoking. The juxtaposition of these intimate lyrics with the subtle background beats prove Saint’s unique creative abilities.

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“New Regime” also proves how Saint is unique — not in her ability to make music, but her unique sense of self. This song reveals Saint’s strength even if she’s gone through emotional struggles. With lines like, “Not a fan of flashy things / All the gold that fame could bring,” Saint shows listeners that she’s not going to be changed by the music industry, which today, seems to have specific expectations for artists.

By saying she’ll remain her true self even in the eye of the spotlight, Saint shows courage. She will remain the girl with the relationship complications and the introspective thoughts no matter what. It will be interesting to see if this is true, because Saint will surely be entering the spotlight after this release.

Rank: 4/5