Whether you’re a loyal Spoon fan or have never heard of this American rock group, Spoon’s most recent album, Hot Thoughts, will appeal to your ears. With both mellow tracks and those featuring more intense instrumentals, this project is an eclectic mix that encapsulates different emotions through one coherent tracklist.

The track “Hot Thoughts,” with which the album is titled, is the perfect introduction song. It incorporates snare beats and a bass guitar that causes listeners to feel overwhelmed by the need to nod their head to the rhythm.

“Do I Have to Talk You Into It” begins with a drum set that is conventional of this style of rock. The lyrics sound quite sinister, but the melody is more fast paced than one would expect.

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“I Ain’t the One” also carries this darkness with it — it sings about moving on and leaving a love interest behind. This song is mostly vocal heavy, however, which creates a more daunting effect. The words become the focal point, and therefore the song comes off as more dramatic.

Considering I became distracted when listening to this album (causing me to procrastinate writing this very sentence you are reading), these tunes would not make for great study music. Each listener needs to take the time to fully absorb what they are hearing. The vigorous foot tapping that can be evoked by “Shotgun” and “Tear It Down” prove Spoon’s capability to allure audiences of all music preferences to engage in their sound.

Many have experienced that strange limbo in a relationship when they have not quite addressed their status or given labels to each other yet (#Not FacebookOfficial). “Can I Sit Next to You?” speaks about becoming determined to get over this nervousness and finally make their relationship known.

Lyrics say, “I’m gonna walk a tightrope” and “No one’s holding me back,” to emphasize just how badly they want to take these steps. There’s really no other way to describe this song other than: It’s a bop.

If you have never listened to Spoon before, this album is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into their water. You don’t necessarily have to be a hardcore rock fan to enjoy Hot Thoughts, since most of its tracks are fairly “chill.” You can sing and dance along while cooking up something in the kitchen or while doing your hair and makeup. If you choose the later, your friends should understand rather than dare pose the question: Why does it take you forever to get ready?!

Rating: 4/5