Located right off of Capitol Square, Michelangelo’s Coffee House provides an eclectic oasis for those of us who are sick of the monotony of Starbucks, and want organic, fair trade coffee.

Customers are greeted by smooth jazz and brightly colored art pieces, along with friendly staff upon walking through the door.

Michelangelo’s provides an assortment of drink options, including classic coffee drinks, such as cappuccinos and americanos, and a specialty drink menu that includes drinks such as their Monkey Mocha, made with banana, chocolate, espresso and steamed milk, and their Chai Charger, made with chai, espresso and steamed milk.

Kristin Washagan/The Badger Herald

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Michelangelo’s also offers smoothies and a large selection of teas — everything from herbal to green to black teas to blends. There is surely a drink for everyone at Michelangelo’s, even avid coffee haters.

Besides drinks, Michelangelo’s also offers a variety of food options, including lunch items, snacks and baked goods.

The establishment offers a selection of many panini sandwiches: salami pesto, turkey and cheese, egg and cheese and much more. They also have daily hearty soups, which are served with either flatbread or baguette.

But instead of opting for any of the intriguing specialties, I recently ordered a regular coffee and a lemon bar.

The coffee itself was smooth and slightly bitter in an aromatic, delicate way. Michelangelo’s prides itself on its fresh made, small batch coffee making.

For customers who dine in, they offer coffee mugs to cut down on unnecessary waste. While not only being environmentally friendly, the mugs make the coffee house feel homey and inviting.

Kristin Washagan/The Badger Herald

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The lemon bar I tried had the perfect balance of overt sweetness and tangy sourness and felt like something I’d eat homemade from my mother. I could not help but smile at the memories the treat brought to mind.

Michelangelo’s succeeds at their goal of creating a socially conscious coffee shop, serving only organic fair trade coffee, for an eclectic or artistic based clientele.

Original photography and artwork line the walls, most of which is for sale. Most of the tables at Michelangelo’s were filled, due to the constant stream of customers. Groups of friends chatting and individuals doing homework or reading fill the space. The lightly buzzing atmosphere is ideal for light studying or hanging out with friends.

For those who want a genuine coffee experience at an independently owned local business, Michelangelo’s serves that perfect niche.