Syd shows off her sensual side as she spices up the R&B world with her recently released album Fin. Her songs touch upon topics like sex, success and romance.

Don’t be fooled by her mohawk and boyish style — Syd’s voice is sweet, feminine and sexy. She channels both hip-hop and soul vibes through her tastefully paired melodies and lyrics.

In “Drown In It” and “Body,” the reoccurring theme is lust. She unapologetically and seductively sings about her experiences with other women, as her sexuality is not something she attempts to hide through vague pronouns, unlike many other artists.

Guitar notes and a few steady beats are all Syd needs to assert her swagger in “Dollar Bills,” where she sings about partying at a strip club. She exudes confidence when she sings, “Alright I pull up the freshest/But what’s new?” A feature from fellow The Internet bandmate, Steve Lacy, slows down the speed of the track a bit while still perfectly complementing the overall rhythm.

Syd expresses feelings of pride and what it’s like to be on top in “No Complaints,” “All About Me” and “Shake Em Off.” It only takes the short rap of “No Complaints” to establish her status as being above those who have doubted her in the past. In “All About Me” and “Shake Em Off” she sings about how the spotlight has shifted onto herself and how the haters don’t affect her.

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With great strides in the music industry, Syd celebrates in “Nothin to Somethin” as she parties, drinks and flirts. She went from an average life to one of an upcoming star and is now finally reveling in it.

At some point, every young person goes through a phase of blissful infatuation. The girl Syd tells us about in “Got Her Own” has the attractive qualities of self-earned wealth and an overall sense of independence.

The mash-up between electronic rhythms, high soul vocals and rich backup vocals in “Know” accentuate the seductive and thrilling aspects of a romantic affair. In this case, both her and her partner are cheating on their significant others, and despite the widely accepted moral idea that infidelity is sinful, this tune can cause listeners to feel swayed to side with the guilty party. Seriously, no one can help but sway to this melody.

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There is a reason some have referred to R&B as “that sweet, sweet love making music.” “Smile More” and “Insecurities” intertwine jazzy, gospel and soulful sounds with romantic and sensual messages. Syd’s music conveys that she ultimately does not simply lust for a quick “no strings attached” hookup as she creates passionate bonds with her partners. The paces of her songs imply she is keen on taking things slow.

Syd’s ode to the end of a relationship, “Over,” featuring rapper 6LACK, holds a deep bass beat and it is not exactly the tear jerker break up song most are accustomed to. She merely speaks about how her and her significant other had been drifting apart and both want to see other people. 6LACK’s verse also agrees with that of Syd’s and he has an attitude that is aimed towards looking forward rather than dwelling on the past.

Although titled Fin, this album should only be the beginning for Syd. Hip hop fans and soul fans alike can come together to enjoy this project and hope to hear more from her in the future.