There must be something in the water here in Madison.

From Ted Park to Trapo to Ra’Shaun, many  localartists have demonstrated the ability to toe the line perfectly between hip-hop and R&B, and between rapping and singing.

This allows for tracks that coalesce the melody and catchiness of R&B with the swagger and punchy lyrics of hip-hop. This creates tracks that embody the best of both worlds, either delivering deeply lyrical tracks in groovy forms like Trapo’s, or giving an extra kick of spice to the sung-rap lyrics of Ted Park’s.

The next one of Madison’s own to flex this ability is one Sierra DeMartino, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. Falling more on the R&B side of the spectrum, she fits the same mold of Park — her executive producer.

Her most recent offering “Get You Right,” with an assist from Ra’Shaun, is her best to date. Over synth-y production reminiscent of Drake. On the track, DeMartino confidently addresses a boy that’s “just her type,” but knows that he’s not the only boy that fits that category.

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If he doesn’t have time for her, then, as the saying goes, boy bye.

Vocally it’s all there for DeMartino, as well. Her voice sounds sweet but not saccharine, and there’s an underlying power there that authenticates what she’s saying.

For anyone that has liked someone, but likes themselves too much to bother with anything less in return, DeMartino captures that sensation perfectly.

According to Park, we can expect big things from DeMartino as soon as the beginning of the new year. We’ll be waiting patiently.