On their newly released EP Collage, The Chainsmokers deliver the same-old repetitive sorority girl anthems that will drive anyone to insanity after enough listens.

Get an Advil ready if you plan to listen to this EP all the way through. The combined 18 minutes of hell will make anyone question the direction of the music industry because if this is considered good music, then the public has lost its sense of direction. Somehow, The Chainsmokers’ music is at the top of the charts, so apparently combining a rudimentary dance beat with vocals deserves recognition.

The sad part about the EP is that it includes vocalists who are truly talented such as Halsey and Daya. Halsey completely makes “Closer,” because whenever DJ-turned-singer Drew Taggart opens his mouth the song takes a nosedive. Someone lied to him and told him he has a good voice to avoid hurting his feelings. But my feelings are hurt when these amateur songs receive more acclaim than the work of deserving, creative artists.

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Taggart once again felt the need to include his deplorable vocals in the song “All We Know.” Not that it would be a good song if he didn’t sing in it — the same superficial, meaningless lyrics repeat over and over again, giving the song no substance. “Inside Out” is also a repetition of dull lyrics, begging the question: If The Chainsmokers can’t DJ, sing or write creative lyrics, why are they famous?

“Don’t Let Me Down” is the only song on the EP that can be listened to in (somewhat) good faith because it aligns more with standard pop. Therefore, it can be heard on more than one occasion without you instantly getting sick of it. If you enjoy Daya’s other hits such as “Hideaway,” then “Don’t Let Me Down” will be a decent listen.

The Chainsmokers are desperate to keep their name in the headlines, but this EP will have people talking for all the wrong reasons. If you have a logical sense for what is good music, just skip this EP altogether, and please stop playing “Closer” at every party.

Rating: 1.5/5