Four years since their last album and Two Door Cinema Club has done it again. This Irish indie rock band has just released their newest album, Gameshow.

The album offers some serious disco vibes. The first song, titled “Are We Ready? (Wreck),” immediately pumps up the listener. The song was also released as a single in the summer, which geared listeners up for the rest. 

Gameshow has a lot of material — 13 regular tracks accompanied by two remixes and a live version of “Gameshow.” These extra offerings are not new to Two Door Cinema Club. Their other albums, Beacon and Tourist History, also feature live versions as well as remixes of their songs.

These offerings aren’t common among other artists. If live versions of albums are provided, they usually come as separate entities. These additional tracks are evident of Two Door Cinema Club’s fluidity in, and passion for, sharing music.

If in the mood for a little Saturday Night Fever (a disco movie starring John Travolta), check out “Fever.” This groovy tune is sure to get some blood pumping. If not that, it will at least bring listeners onto the dance floor. Not to mention, the lead singer Alex Trimble showcases his irresistible falsetto.

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College kids can for sure relate to the tune “Bad Decisions.” We sort of have a track record for making those less-than-admirable decisions. The opening lyrics couldn’t make more sense to us — “Save me / I’ve been drinking wine / And I just made a huge mistake / Happens all the time.”

Some of the songs on Gameshow are dotted with influences from other artists. This is especially evident in the song titled “Ordinary.” This super cool tune hauntingly sounds like Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor,” but then Two Door Cinema Club swoops in and places their own twist atop the familiar sounding drum beat.

Out of the selection of songs, “Gameshow” most relates to Two Door Cinema Club’s previous work. While this album is laced with upbeat disco vibes, their older work is more on the electronic rock side. 

The album in its entirety gives off very happy-go-lucky vibes. It’s almost impossible to not smile while listening. This album reminds listeners why they loved Two Door Cinema Club in the first place — their ability to fire up listeners with unique vocals and rhythmic beats, all with a little taste of electronics.