Lizzo, the 28-year-old Minneapolis rapper who emerged in 2013 with her sassy debut album Lizzobangers, is back with her latest EP, Coconut Oil, showering listeners with beats on her first major-label debut. 

The entire EP is fun, energetic, exciting and interesting, offering listeners different styles as well as different themes and subjects. The content ranges from comedic commentary on drunken antics to self confidence and self respect.

Energy exudes throughout each song via careful repetition of core lyrics, making the songs catchy but unique, preventing the listener getting bored. By emphasizing particular phrases that add to the thematic value of the song, Lizzo is capable of adding a poetic flair that would otherwise be lost.

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Each song is laced with a funky beat that makes dancing an irresistible urge. This pattern has become vastly more popular among hip-hop artists in recent years. These dance beatshave been used in Drakes latest release, “Views,” and Rihannas album, “Anti,” which both share common stylistic choices with Lizzo.

One of the more popular features on the EP is the song Phone,” where Lizzo adds a more humorous element that any late night wanderer can relate to: losing ones phone in a drunken fury and having no idea how to maneuver yourself home.

Songs such as Scuse Me,” “Coconut Oiland Good As Hellemphasize the importance of loving yourself in a world that so often seems to bring you down. The lyrics offer inspiration and encouragement to help listeners get through a day where they’re not quite feeling themselves.

“Coconut Oilwraps the album up nicely, adding elements that motivate independence, while applauding the strength of womanhood through powerful lyrics and an equally strong rhythm. This song, which the EP is named after, captures all themes of the collection.

This album is something listeners can bop to, dance to, sing to and laugh to. It will put a spunk in your step and a fierceness in your stride.

The project will excite fans of Lizzo to see what she has in store next. Though she said she doesn’t need a crown, Lizzo is in fact the queen.