Having opened not so long ago on East Washington Avenue, OM Indian offers fresh-tasting Indian plates.

OM is a modern restaurant with a sitting space that has a fireplace, entertainment and books. Glossy dishes and cups give it a suave and contemporary atmosphere, and there is Wi-Fi for customers. The inside has a trendy and current ambiance with its perfectly clean, stainless steel open kitchen.

Marissa Haegele/The Badger Herald

Even though alternative Indian restaurants appear to have menus that are a bit restricted, OM has a large menu with a fair amount of variety. Some of the plates patrons won’t recognize, but there seems to be no pointless creations with the options and a good range of meatless alternatives.


Marissa Haegele/The Badger Herald

Be ready to take a seat and have a delectable and fairly priced autumn meal, as well as service that goes above and beyond.

The creamy and smooth tikka masala at OM is among the finest in the city. Options for meat include chicken, goat, seafood and, best of all, lamb.

As with almost every other item on the menu, the tikka masala arrives with a heaping bowl of basmati rice. Ask for your meal mild if you don’t want to gulp down water by the gallon, and order the naan, a flatbread cooked in a Tandoor clay oven, for a mouthwatering pre-dinner treat.

The samosas are packed with either vegetables or lamb and are accompanied by potatoes, green peas, herbs and spices. Though they are excellent, they are not of the tikka masala’s quality.

The appetizer part of the menu offers coconut shrimp, fried chicken drumsticks and assorted vegetable fritters too, but go for the zesty and tasty rasam soup instead, flavored with tomatoes, aromatic herbs and spices.

Served with cumin, ginger and tomato, the channa masala is an amazing chickpea dinner option, seasoned to perfection and excellently portioned. The kitchen will spice it any way you want, but the medium level is good enough. It comes with the regular bowl of basmati rice.

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An additional choice on the vegetable main course menu for the same price is the aloo gobi. It is an outstanding potato and cauliflower curry flavored with tumeric, fennel and curry leaves.

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Attempting to provide customers a full Indian experience, OM flirts with rice specialties. For example, the hyderabadi dum biryani  is a seasoned basmati rice plate that arrives with your preference of either chicken or goat, as well as yogurt, onion, lemon, saffron, coriander and hard-boiled egg.

A few pastas are available as well. There is the excellent carbonara, a plate that is historically believed to have been initially invented as a filling meal for Italian charcoal laborers because the name originated from “carbonaro,” the Italian term for charcoal burner.

The pasta is cooked with cream, egg, turkey bacon, diced onions and parsley, and it obviously manages to appear to be more Italian than Indian. This is because OM’s executive chef likes to invent fusion delicacies from his background with American and Italian cooking.

Indian food is not an unused concept, but at OM Indian Fusion Cuisine, it seems natural, wholesome and zestful.

Marissa Haegele/The Badger Herald