After emerging in the trap scene only a short year ago, TroyBoi has seen some amazing success.

The London-based DJ has worked on projects with Diplo, Flosstradamus, Nina Sky and soon-to-be many more. TroyBoi’s sold-out Majestic performance Thursday night featured Jean le Duke as an opener, a Madison-based DJ with mellow tracks. With a trap-like instrumental style, Jean le Duke proved he knew how to move the crowd, giving them a taste of his own songs like “Wonked Out” and “Cooked Crack.”

After the short and somewhat soft opening, it was time for the DC-based crew Gent & Jawns. As the Majestic began to fill to capacity, there was no doubt some came from out of town just to see these guys.

“U NO I,” a single produced last year, blasted through the venue. What followed was “Thunder and Lightning,” a collaboration with Major Lazer and what brought Gent & Jawns into the scene more than anything. Getting the crowd ready to go, the Majestic soon filled with heat and anticipation. Well-versed in performing live, Gent & Jawns closed out with “TurnUp” — by far their most popular song.

TroyBoi emerged out of the darkness soon after and immediately got the crowd going again. There was no time between the opening piece of “Do You” and one of his newest productions, “Soundclash,” which was put together with the help of Flosstradamus.

Just as the concert seemed to reach its peak, TroyBoi brought out two dancers to spin hula-hoops above the set, dropping “Afterhours,” which featured Diplo and Nina Sky. The most anticipated song, however, was yet to come at the end of the show.

The dancers were out again in the next song, “Welcome to London.” They donned completely new outfits with wings and proved to be very entertaining during the remainder of the performance.

After finishing the set, TroyBoi encored with two songs — and the most anticipated came out of the depths of the speakers. He had obviously anticipated this as being the last song, but he probably didn’t expect the crowd to still be as ready for it. “O.G.” was a blast to get down to and was a perfect cap to the end of the show.

This tour is working wonders for TroyBoi — and he is sure to continue to rise within the genre of experimental trap music.