Fitting EDM juggernaut The Chainsmokers’ artillery-like tour setup into Madison’s cramped Liquid nightclub is not the easiest stunt to pull. But the group’s Drew Taggart and Alex Pall managed to compress their football stadium-worthy set with ease, all while executing their electronic sound to a T.

Taggart and Pall, much to their chagrin, are most well known for their record-smashing hit #SELFIE, a track created as a joke that ultimately gave rise to The Chainsmokers’ fame. But the duo doesn’t consider the song the best representation of their capabilities and depth as music producers — they release new, mind-blowing, hour-long mixtapes on their Soundcloud every month.

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Since the song’s release in 2013, The Chainsmokers have worked hard with their newfound limelight to deliver music that sticks, instead of fading into the static of one-hit wonders. They continually deliver while bringing their fullest potential to fruition, leaving avid electronic music fans in awe.

Their pit stop at Liquid was exceptionally strategic Sunday night. The duo has been touring around the country playing at venues with a bit more breathing room — Liquid’s limited space likely proved a challenge for them.

Their display was condensed to half its original size, limiting the full scope their $150,000 projector and $175,000 stage setup could provide. But despite this massive cut to their usual display, The Chainsmokers still found a way to coalesce their performance with Liquid’s nightclub vibe for a unique, top-notch performance.

The thousands of hours Taggart and Pall have put into their career translated into a seamless set. Their light show and visuals were incredible and perfectly timed with each mix, while still giving a feel of spontaneity and light-heartedness, taking Madison through the roof.

Between playing some of their best new tracks like “Roses,” “Kanye” and their newest single “New York City,” Taggart and Pall’s personalities were at the forefront. Pall donned a Wisconsin jersey at the beginning for local appeal, while Taggart, later on in the set, dropped his pants and proceeded to play in his underwear for a large portion of the show. These two turned the ridiculousness level to max capacity, and the crowd went wild.

Near the show’s conclusion, The Chainsmokers’ pyrotechnics may have gone too far for the venue. As their pyro jets cranked out plumes of smoke, the entire dance floor transformed into a thick, confetti fog for an extended period of time. This at least proved a bit humorous.

All in all, the intensity of The Chainsmokers set seemed to dare the audience to return for more, likely in a more sizable setting. “I wanna be like Kanye” might just be their lyrics, but for these EDM superstars, the type of venue West frequents might actually fit their own aspirations.