When Zaramela began setting up Friday at The Frequency, it became clear that it was going to be a unique musical experience. Seven college freshman took the stage, each holding a different instrument ranging from the bass to the trombone. The seven members were able to effortlessly synthesize the various instruments to create New Orleans style music.

Nothing is comparable to Zaramela in today’s musical arena. While most bands usually average around four members with the typical vocal-guitar-drum combination, Zaramela features seven members with a unique collection of instruments. The trumpet, saxophone and trombone add a totally different element to what is typically found in a band. Zaramela’s music cannot be categorized into one genre. Rather, they create a new genre in which each song can be easily trademarked as Zaramela.

The Frequency provided an intimate bar scene for Zaramela to completely fill with passionate vocals and strong jazzy rhythms. As its first LP’s title, Gumbo, suggests, each song transitioned into different genres ranging from blues rock to hip-hop. Their decision not to adhere to one specific genre and showcase each instrument kept the audience engaged and wanting more.

The performance was short, barely lasting 45 minutes. However, during their set they were able to prove their versatility and adhere to their unique style of blending genres. Zaramela’s cover of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” opened with lead vocalist Kris Hansen beatboxing, coupled with a strong horn section. Throughout the verse, Hansen transformed the rap section with slow, soulful vocals that sped into a passionate refrain. Zaramela effortlessly transitioned into a heavier rock song while maintaining the strong rhythmic horn section in “Keepin’ it Real.”

Each performance highlighted certain instruments but at the same time naturally blended them together to create a sound worth remembering. The young talent on top of the wide variety of instruments and genres created a show that was hard to compare to anything else, making it one impossible to forget.