Winter weather is coming once again to freeze the Midwest. Living on a campus that’s fairly spread out, without tunnels between buildings and with an administration that drags its feet in cancelling class, it’s important for students to get prepared. Following are six tips to stave off the next Polar Vortex.

Brace yourselves: Polar vortex blowing back into town next weekOnly two weeks ago, Badgers gathered in Camp Randall on a sunny 70-degree game day, but come Sunday, they’ll see Read…

Stock up on the necessities.

Now is the time to buy everything you’ll need from now until Thanksgiving. That means the essentials: canned soup and the killer winter combination of hot chocolate or coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Take the bus. Everywhere.

If you haven’t picked up your Associated Students of Madison bus pass yet, hopefully the thought of negative 40 degree wind chills will help incentivize it.

Herald file photo

Prepare for strategically skipping class.

For classes where attendance is mandatory, save up your “skip days” for the duration of the semester and use them when the weather is particularly nasty. We know from experience that the University of Wisconsin will avoid cancelling class at all costs.






Test the heat in your apartment/house.

If you haven’t tried it, it’s time. And if it doesn’t work? Complain to your landlord,  and run to Target/Walmart to pick up some extra blankets.

Or, you’ll end up like this:

Chris Lotten/The Badger Herald 

And if you haven’t already fallen into the “resign leases by September” trap, the option of warming your apartment is a good one to explore before doing so.

Avoid East Campus Mall at all costs.

If you’re standing in or walking through the wind tunnel of East Campus Mall, facing Lake Monona for an extended period of time, your eyes will dry out, and it will be painful. Just don’t even try.

Flickr user John Benson

Learn to layer.

Layer, layer, layer. Then, on the first semi-decent day (most likely a long ways off), prepare to step outside to celebrate winter. First, put on your long johns, sweatpants, snowpants. And at least four pairs of socks. Then, on top, the Underarmor shirt, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt and parka. Plus at least two layers of gloves. Throw a hat on your head, and you’re ready. Grab those Gordon trays, go to Observatory and fuck around!