Despite forecasted wind chills near -40 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, the University of Wisconsin announced plans to remain open and continue classes as usual.

Madison Metro buses are expected to operate normally, according to a UW statement. However, if the buses are unable to run, the decision to keep campus open would be re-evaluated, University Communications spokesperson John Lucas said.

Madison Metro Spokesperson Mick Rusch said buses are winterized in the fall to prepare for frigid cold weather. He said delays are usually caused by snow or ice and do not happen very frequently.

If people can travel safely to campus, the buildings are accessible and heated, so UW wants to stay open and provide instruction, Lucas said. Students paying tuition have a right to services they are paying for, he said.

UW does not want people to endanger students and are allowing for flexibility if students are unable to get to classes safely, Lucas said.

Instructors are also expected to be flexible with attendance policies, the statement said.

Hot cocoa will also be served in Bascom Hall’s rotunda during the day until supplies are gone.

But all this hasn’t stopped some students from taking to Twitter as an appeal to UW to cancel classes.




Other students are just tweeting to find out if classes are still scheduled.


In its replies, @UWMadison has emphasized professors “are expected to grant flexibility,” encouraging students to contact professors if they do not want to go to class tomorrow.



One of the reasons they’re staying open, UW said in some tweets, is that students pay tuition and expect to get the value they pay for.



Even still, some students questioned the flexibility UW said would be provided.



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