The Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday to discuss budget proposals of Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment student organization and approved the Muslim Student Association budget. 

PAVE Chair Elias Tsarovsky and Option Finance Coordinator Anthony Chambers presented the group’s eligibility proposal. PAVE focuses on educating students and increasing activism on gender-based violence.

“Our mission is to end all forms of gender-based violence on campus, by preventing sexual assault, dating violence and stalking though education and activism in the UW-Madison community and gated community,” Tsarovsky said. 

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PAVE representatives presented their core programs, which include their Change is Brewing series and an awareness month dedicated to discussing prevalent sexual violence issues at the University of Wisconsin. Another program is the campus bus campaign, which educates students with messaging posted on the sides of buses that run on campus.

Tsarovsky said PAVE offers many other resources and materials that are available at the PAVE office. The PAVE office is a designated safe-space for students on campus to learn about and discuss gender-based violence 

Many of the issues in PAVE’s budget were impacted by COVID-19 in the spring semester, but several current individual program budget requests were similar to previous years, as the group predicts a near return to normalcy in the upcoming fiscal year.

 PAVE’s proposed budget requested $73,870.50, a majority of which is focused on employee salaries and wages, Tsarovsky said.

“It’s important because our salaries are what makes our programming happen,” Tsarovsky said. “They’re integral to that.”

Other areas focused on in the budget hearing included core program costs, printing costs, supplies and services costs, computer software and hardware costs. 

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Decisions on PAVE’s eligibility and budget proposals will occur at the next meeting Monday, Oct. 26. 

SSFC also voted to approve the Muslim Students Association budget after passing two reduction resolutions. MSA is a student organization on campus that works to promote spirituality and activism. MSA’s eligibility passed with an 8-0 vote in favor of their proposed eligibility.

After discussing MSA’s proposed budget, Vice Chair of SSFC Grace D’Souza supported MSA’s proposed budget with two amendments. 

The first amendment decreasing the secretary salary line of MSA passed with a 7-0-5 vote in favor of the proposed amendment. The second amendment to decrease the advertising line items passed with an 8-0-4 vote. 

MSA’s total budget was approved by SSFC at $36,468.50 with an 8-0-4 vote.