Student Services Finance Committee heard budget presentations from Student Activities Center Governing Board and Student Judiciary and approved the budget for Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment.

The SAC Governing Board gave a budget presentation to SSFC for the 2021 fiscal year. The SAC Governing Board is the decision making body for the SAC.

 SAC Governing Board chair Andrew Pietroske gave the presentation and spoke about how they need more money due to increased traffic at the SAC. 

“We are requesting $3,000 extra for our free menstrual product program,” Pietroske said. 

Student Judiciary also gave a budget presentation to SSFC. SSFC will vote to approve or deny both budgets at their next meeting.

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SSFC approved PAVE’s budget after reducing the hours and salaries of several paid positions within the organization.

Vice Chair Tessa Reilly proposed amendments to the allotted hours and salary for PAVE’s Volunteer Coordinator position. 

“Part of the reason their return [for the volunteer coordinator position] was so high was because the position was vacant for much of last year,” Reilly said. “I still believe an amendment would suffice.”

SSFC voted to amend the hours of many of PAVE’s paid positions to better reflect the way the organization utilized past budgets.

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In addition to changing the salary of the volunteer coordinator, Rep. Logan Knochenmus suggested lowering the hours and salary of the Evaluation Coordinator. 

“In any given year there might be positions that over or underspent a little bit… so [changing salaries] is not meant to limit the work of the position or organization but to reflect that not all hours allocated will be used,” Knochenmus said. 

After amendments were made to other paid positions, such as the Financial and Office Coordinator, the budget passed with a vote of 13-0-2.