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UW-Madison Campus

SSFC discusses UHS budget, hears Wisconsin Union budget proposal

Wisconsin Union includes raised minimum wage as part of new budget

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves GSSF funding for PAVE, Wunk Sheek

To be eligible for GSSF, registered student organizations must provide content substantially different from existing UW programs

UW-Madison Campus

The Black Voice proposes next year’s budget to SSFC, will increase staff, programming

The Black Voice, student news publication dedicated to amplifying Black UW students, seeks increased funding

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC discusses altering funding application process for registered student organizations

Representatives aim to increase student awareness for RSO funding

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC appoints student as new healthcare advisory committee representative

Representative Vargas to be new Healthcare Advisory Committee Representative

UW-Madison Campus

Latine Student Union requests funding for future programs at SSFC meeting

LSU plans to host Latine Ball, community Day of the Dead celebration

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UW-Madison Campus

Student Services Financial Committee votes on budget for F.H. King

Committee settled on granting agricultural org $77,127

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC discusses Wisconsin Union budget, tables votes on CWC mid-year report, GUTS budget

SSFC debates GUTS proposal to pay tutors for a new pilot program


Neutral funding: Behind the ideologies that determine which student orgs get how much tuition money

To Supreme Court, back, an ASM committee approves student org budgets, delegates tuition funds

UW-Madison Campus

ASM hears UHS presentations on coronavirus discrimination concerns, mental health protocol

'We know that culturally [wearing a mask] is very acceptable in many places and we don’t want to draw conclusions about someone who does that,' UHS representative says