The Associated Students of Madison held its first meeting for the semester Wednesday night at the Student Activity Center. They discussed the Nicholas Recreation Center construction progress and new legislation.

Associate Director of Strategic Engagement and Wellbeing Alex Pierce said University Recreation and Wellbeing will focus on two main aspects for the new semester: providing support for students’ mental health, as well as food and nutrition education.

Pierce said University Recreation and Wellbeing works closely with University Health Services to offer mental health services.

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Associate Director of Member Services & Operations Sadat Khan said throughout the construction of Nicholas Recreation Center, University Recreation and Wellbeing continues to make conscious efforts towards sustainability.

Khan said the construction of the Nicholas Recreation Center recycled 92% to 95% of materials from the Southeast Recreational Facility. 

“We look at our air filtration, the way we are dealing with the heating of the pool, all of these were done down sustainable paths,” Khan said. 

Khan also said the photovoltaic glass installed in the facility helps prevent heating by automatically changing the amount of sunlight filtered into the building.

Pierce asked for opinions from ASM representatives on integrating well-being services into the facility. Pierce said these services include, but are not limited to, mental health, food and nutrition services within the recreational facilities.

Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Katie Malloy and Representative Anna Barry raised concerns over integrating mental health services within the facility and worried students may not feel comfortable having to walk through the gym in order to make it to their counselling appointments.

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ASM also discussed the Student Voter ID Accessibility Legislation. Malloy and Barry said the ultimate goal for this legislation is to get signatures on Wiscards, which could then serve as valid voter IDs for students.

The two said approval of this legislation would help simplify the process of voting registration, which would then encourage more students to vote.

ASM Fall Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday Sept. 12 in the State Room on the 4th floor of Memorial Union.