A woman was arrested for robbery and disorderly conduct at a State St. restaurant Saturday morning, marking the second time in a week the woman had been arrested on such charges.

According to the Madison Police Department report, 21-year-old Raeven Johnson was charged with armed robbery, disorderly conduct and bail jumping after threatening Teddywedgers employees with a broken glass bottle. Johnson was arrested last Monday for reportedly stealing a donations bucket in a Domino’s Pizza.

Woman arrested for stealing donation bucket at Domino’s Pizza on W. GorhamA woman was arrested for stealing a donation bucket inside Domino’s Pizza on W. Gorham St. shortly after midnight on Read…

Employees told police that Johnson asked a customer for money and then asked employees for either money or food. When asked to leave, Johnson reportedly grabbed a large bottle of hot sauce and shattered it on the counter, splattering hot sauce across the restaurant’s small interior.

Johnson then threatened employees with the broken neck of the bottle. The suspect eventually threw the bottle at an employee and fled the restaurant. The thrown bottle did not hit the employee.

Johnson was located by police and arrested. Last week, Johnson was arrested for robbery with use of force and disorderly conduct, according to the MPD report from that incident.