A man who uses the name “Bama Flow” in online communications has been trying to rent a downtown parking spot he doesn’t own, according to the Madison Police Department.

The suspect, 23-year-old Tony V. Fountain, was arrested earlier this summer for the same crime of “renting” out a Hawthorne Court parking spot he did not control to multiple people.

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On Monday, a new victim told police she paid Fountain $400 for a year’s rent of the parking spot. However, the owner of the property containing the parking place on Hawthorne Court told police they had never heard of Fountain and he did not have permission to rent out the spot.

Fountain contacts victims via a Facebook group page where University of Wisconsin students can seek apartments, parking spots and other items for rent or sale.

According to an incident report, MPD officers are preparing new probable cause documents and plan to arrest Fountain again soon.