According to a University of Wisconsin crime warning, an altercation occurred outside Sellery Residence Hall early Friday between UW students and several other unknown individuals.

In a video sent to The Badger Herald by a UW student who witnessed the incident from a dorm window, four unidentified males are seen surrounding and assaulting a fifth unidentified male, who remains on the ground for the majority of the clip.

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According to the UWPD crime warning, the suspects and victim did not know each other. UWPD sergeant Carl Siddell believes there is no ongoing threat to the community because “this wasn’t something random.”

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and UWPD could not disclose information at this time regarding the reason for the battery, whether the perpetrators are UW students or if the victim has had contact with police. It is also unknown if the department has any leads on the suspects.

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UWPD urges anyone with information to contact them at (608) 264-COPS.