In a Saturday morning incident, Madison Police Department officers pulled a man to safety from a sixth floor balcony they believed he was prepared to jump from.

The 22-year-old man was seen standing on the other side of a sixth-floor balcony fence of a University Avenue apartment building Saturday morning. MPD officers were able to enter the building through a window and found the man, who was described as “distraught.”

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Responding officers heard the man, who was on his phone with his mother, say, “I love you,” and “goodbye.” The officers then grabbed both of the man’s arms and pulled him back to the fence.

Later, two other MPD officers arrived on the scene and helped the initial officers pull the man to safety on the other side of the fence. MPD officers assured the man’s mother, who feared for her son’s life, he was safe.

The man told MPD he struggled with drug addiction and financial issues. The officers took the man to a “place where he can get help” and encouraged him to seek help if he should ever need it again.