The Associated Students of Madison passed legislation Wednesday evening calling for Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Laurent Heller, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, to find an alternative location on campus for the Amazon Pickup Point.

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Currently slated for the Red Gym, [email protected] will be a physical space for Amazon customers to pick up packages.

But ASM said in the statement that the University of Wisconsin’s current location for the Amazon Pickup Point bypassed shared governance procedures.

Because the Red Gym is presently home to numerous services dedicated to students, including the LGBT Campus Center, International Student Services, the Center for Leadership and Involvement and the Multicultural Student Center, Legislative Affairs chair Sally Rohrer said decisions about the space should not have been made without consulting the student body.

“It’s unacceptable that administration disregarded student voice in making its decision,” Rohrer said. “Students have the right to be included in the process of determining changes on campus that affect us.”

ASM chair Carmen Goséy said she believes this legislation will help validate the symbolic nature of the Red Gym, especially for students who may not feel included on campus.