Every single year on a weekend in the middle of August, the city of Madison becomes host to an event known as “Hippie Christmas.”  This transition period of students moving in and out of both apartments and houses throughout the city brings along an abundant amount of opportunities for people to grab whatever “trash” is left to be thrown away.

Photo Above: People scour through overloaded dumpsters for wanted items on Gerry Court.

Photo Below: Different angle of the same scene.

Photo Below: A student sits on the sidewalk of Langdon Street while reading a book and keeping a watchful eye over her possessions.

Photo Below: A front yard on Henry Street (off of Langdon Street) is cluttered with old furniture and a wide variety of other items.

Photo Below: Same yard as the photo above, but from the opposite angle.

Photo Below: Another angle of the same yard. Keep in mind that most of these items are fair game for anybody to take.

Photo Below: Owners of the home overlooking their front yard.

Photo Below: One of numerous overflowing dumpsters throughout Madison on August 13th. (Photo off of Henry Street between Gilman and Gorham)

Photo Below: A used and stained lovesac rests up next to a tree on Mifflin Street.

Photo Below: Items lay out in the front yards on Mifflin Street.

Photo Below: More items on Mifflin Street that are up for grabs.

Photo Below: Another pile of “trash” off of Marion Street.