After the Tumblr account “I,Too, am UW-Madison” began last month, another new Tumblr account calling attention to diversity on the University of Wisconsin campus has surfaced.

The new Tumblr, “A Marginalized Student,” documents notes left around UW’s campus, all signed by the same pen name, “A Marginalized Student.”

A Marginalized Student/Tumblr

The notes posted on “A Marginalized Student” address UW’s diversity outlook, as well as miscellaneous student concerns about being marginalized by different institutions on campus.

The Tumblr itself does not offer much by way of an author or background, but rather asks readers to consider who these students are.

The page’s description reads:

“Around various campus centers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we have found notes with demands left by ‘a marginalized student.’ Who are the marginalized students at UW-Madison?”

[Photo(s) by amarginalizedstudent/Tumblr]