Police are pretty pissed after an incident Tuesday.

A 60-year-old man threw a plastic container filled with his own urine at two police officers and a staff member early Tuesday morning while being treated at an unnamed treatment facility.

Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the suspect was highly intoxicated at the time of the incident. Police said officers and staff members were trying to subdue the suspect when he allegedly attempted to punch an officer in the face and grabbed the collar of another officer, damaging it.

DeSpain said an officer and a staff member were hit in the face with the urine from the container and were sent to the hospital to receive treatment for urine exposure. He said the container was initially given to the suspect to use while in the bathroom at the facility.

After the suspect is released from the facility, DeSpain said there is probable cause to arrest the man on multiple counts including disorderly conduct and discharge of bodily fluids at a public safety worker.

[Image via Kevin Lau/Flickr]