The Student Services Financial Committee of the Associated Students of Madison voted on the approval of a wage exemption for Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics and to approve the draft of a General Student Services Fund mid-year budget transfer document Thursday night.

AHA is a student group that discusses religion and seeks to educate students on issues important to the secular community. SSFC approved an AHA request for a wage exemption that will allow AHA to work and pay their members for more than 20 hours a week just for this week.

AHA requested the exemption for planning of the Free Though Festival, which is its largest event of the year. The festival begins April 11.

Additionally SSFC voted to draft a document outlining a GSSF group mid-year budget transfer plan. The plan would allow GSSF’s to return excess funds back to ASM. The document will be debated over in the coming weeks.

SSFC will meet again Monday at 6:30 p.m.