Documents uncovered during the John Doe investigation into former Gov. Scott Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch will be released on Feb. 19, according to the Associated Press.

The announcement comes after Rindfleisch’s decision not to review the documents for the redaction of certain information including Social Security numbers and medical information, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

The order filed in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals case State of Wisconsin v. Kelly M. Rindfleisch said she informed the court she did not wish to review the documents on Feb. 7.

Citing an earlier case, the order said, “A basic tenet of the democratic system is that the people have the right to know about the operations of their government, including the judicial branch, and that where public records are involved the denial of public examination is contrary to … public policy and the public interest.”

Rindfleisch was earlier sentenced to six months in jail for campaigning on the job while Walker was Milwaukee County executive, but this sentence has been stayed pending appeal.

[Photo by Flickr user Ed Bierman]