A new University of Wisconsin Transportation Services ramped up production on a website aiming to make parking on campus a little easier.

Transportation Services announced in a statement Thursday the creation of a new website that provides users with the number of empty parking spots available at each UW garage. Casey Newman, associate director of Transportation Services, said the website uses data collected from a software system that is connected to the electronic gates to count cars entering and leaving garages.

“Previously we had ‘pay as you enter,’ $7 for half-day permit,” Newman said. “We didn’t know if you were there half a day, or how long. With the new system, it’s like most other systems and you pay for time you’re there. And the data is able to be collected.”

Newman said the department is continuing to work to enhance the accuracy of the system. The software updates every 15 minutes, so Newman said the numbers of empty spaces are only approximations.

The website shows the spots available in garages to visitors. It does not give information on student, faculty or staff-designated spots, Newman said.

Additionally, the parking information is available on the online campus map. Newman said the website is also linked to the City of Madison’s website, so visitors can also see how many spots are open in city-owned garages, such as the one on Lake Street.

“We encourage people to use it and hopefully it will help them find their way on campus,” Newman said.