These people have voices as smooth as Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread. On long car rides, they probably bring you curiosity, calmness and companionship <3 But have you ever googled what they look like? It’s typically a shocking reveal and instantly regrettable.

But some radio and podcast hosts are actually pretty hot — in their own way! Here are top my picks.

1. Ira Glass – “This American Life”

This mans is hands down the hottest podcast host there is. Not up for debate, baby! And he. is. SIXTY. I’d let him run me over any day. I could be Your American Wife, Ira baby. Consider it.

2. Michael Barbaro – “The Daily”

Ooh la la am I obsessed with this host’s salt and pepper. His facial hair gets weird at times, but those baby Harry Potter glasses really just ENTICE me!!! Please, Mr. Barbaro — tell me how much you distrust American politics. 

3. Audie Cornish – “All Things Considered”

This queen is a timeless beaut! She has so much authority in her voice, and I kind of want her to be my mom? But she’s also hot. Just thots. The rest of this show’s hosts are almost as hot, but something about Ari Shapiro just gives me bad vibes.

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4. Steve Inskeep – “Morning Edition”

This pick needs no explanation. Steven Skeep, as I call him, is an A1 zaddy! He just has kind eyes, ya know?

5. Jonathan Goldstein – “Heavyweight”

Ya, okay, Johnny is not really hot. At all. But he has a personality and is actually funny. I like to think of Jonathan as an upgraded Joe Rogan. His podcast, “Heavyweight”, is one I recommend to any person, place or thing. 

6. Jack Corbett – Video Producer for “Planet Money”

So, no, Jack doesn’t host a radio show or podcast, BUT he does run the TikTok for “Planet Money,” which is a podcast. Not only is he my only celebrity crush at the moment, he is relentlessly witty and awkward. Just how I like ’em!

7. Orson Welles – um idk if he’s even a host either

THROWBACKKKK. You cannot deny the icon himself was not a straight hottie in his day!!! This picture. I just. Have no words. All the indie girls are gonna go crazy when they discover the iconic host and director was this bad! 

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8. Terry Gross – “Fresh Air”

I need to know this iconic queenie’s secret to staying young! She’s gotta keep up with all of that pop culture and fame in the air!

9. Sarah Koenig – “Serial”

I don’t find Sarah attractive, but I want her to give me a hug. I just know she knows what’s up and has the best advice in the world. Sarah, stop talking about murders, and please mentor meee.

10. Robert Krulwich (L) and Jad Abumrad (R) – “Radioloab”


Okayyy, there’s only one cutie here, and I think you know which one it is! Don’t play. His last name rhymes with Prulsitch.

All images courtesy of Creative Commons. Kind of :,)