The weather, it is a thing. Since we have very few original ideas here in the Banter section, we’re going to talk about it again.

These past few days, no one’s been certain whether to walk out of their place rocking galoshes, winter boots or sneakers. It’s a pure tragedy that students must hold a wide variety of possibilities in their wardrobe to account for the variable climate, also making students unhappy about their lack of available school spirit in some of these outfit choices. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have both a motion “W” slapped across a pair of running shorts and a Bucky-laden sherpa sweater.

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Luckily, there are ways to amp up school spirit in otherwise drab ensembles. Follow these tips to reinvent your winter wardrobe into something Bucky-approved.

Stencil “W” on clothes

Fabric markers are wonderful inventions with untapped potential. Stencils, once limited to the confined space of a paper, seem like a really cool way to make the fabric markers work for a Wisco look. Simply find some University of Wisconsin stencils and a reddish looking fabric marker (pink will suffice in a pinch) and add the logo to whatever jacket you are wearing out that day. It may look a bit hasty, but everyone will know your #wiscopride.

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Invest in car decals

This is a quick and sticky solution. Just put the car decals on otherwise drab snow-pants and then you have cute Bucky ski gear. While a good quick fix, this might get a little costly as the stickers need to get reapplied. Stickers are not the encouraged way to go about this but definitely work in a pinch.

Add pure Bucky fur to your apparel

Yes, that mascot costume might be a little worn, but the fur sure does look cozy. Using a little breaking-and-entering skill, snippets of Bucky fur can easily make any outfit winter appropriate and positively Wisconsin in nature. Stuff a little fur on the tops of your galoshes to make a warm footwear option while protecting against the great puddles of State Street. Add length to your short sleeve University Bookstore t-shirt you got for free at Student Orientation, Advising and Registration by creating furry long sleeves. It might be a tad unconventional, but these are the trends that swag badgers have been abided by for ages.

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Radiate the sensibilities of a badger

OK, so all your clothing efforts failed. It’s okay, we can’t all be Bucky-nistas. Still, if you want to be a badger during these wintery rough times, just come along and act like one. According to my all-knowing knowledge source on badgers, the animals engage in a sort of shortened hibernation called torpor where they will have heavily decreased physiological activity for 29 hours. Now I know you might think, “Wow, this writer can finally use words longer than three syllables,” but this knowledge is crucial to understanding the way to encapsulate the personality of a badger in this wacky winter. Basically, do not show up to class every other day. I think not showing up on Tuesdays and Thursday is a hot take, but definitely increases badger-tude. No need for Bucky galoshes with that kind of attitude!