Already broke your New Year’s Resolution? Have no fear, there’s still an entire semester of improvement to be had. Here are 19 goals for the 2019 spring semester that will help every student live their best life.

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  1. Work up the motivation to get on the bus to go to the Nat.
  2. Use your stove at least once a week for meals beyond mac and cheese.
  3. Read a book per week. No, of course this doesn’t count textbooks.
  4. Go to office hours.
  5. Wake up an hour before the first class of the day.
  6. Okay, maybe half an hour.
  7. 15 minutes?
  8. Keep Handshake up to date.
  9. Thank the bus driver every time.
  10. Actually talk to the person next to you in lecture instead of staring awkwardly at Snapchat.
  11. Use more life hacks.
  12. Learn to yodel to become a campus sensation.
  13. Debut yodeling, or any other skill, at Open Mic Night.
  14. Remember every Canvas quiz.
  15. Unsubscribe from student organization e-mails that lured you with free candy.
  16. Never cry in the same place twice.
  17. Walk up Bascom instead of taking the 80.
  18. Determine the difference between Rathskeller and Sett sauce.
  19. Convince Bucky to wear a different sweater.

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