As they say in Wisconsin: April snow brings May snow.

This spring has truly been no different. From ice skating with your friends to snowball fights with your enemies, spring is meant to be spent outside. Now you can enjoy the spring weather while looking spring chic.

The Grande Ragazzo coat

Courtesy of Flickr

Rated for minus 20-degree Fahrenheit weather, this Italian designer jacket will keep you stylish while it keeps you warm during the frigid spring and early summer days.

Pieds Moites boots

(Courtesy of the NMUAF)

The French have few accomplishments  mostly just the baguette and short films about love and cigarettes. These boots are a new accomplishment, combining French Romanticism and American practicality to give your feet that Moites look.

Handschuh Gloves

German engineering isn’t just for cars — these sleek leather gloves keep you warm and are great for slapping your rivals when challenging them to a duel.

A Doctor Snowlittle Scarf

(Courtesy of Flickr)

This scarf can be worn with any jacket, thanks to its subtle and stylish design. When the spring snowfall begins, trust the added alliterative appeal of a snowlittle scarf to keep you warm. This spring, the doctor is in.

The Asinus Hat

(Courtesy of Flickr)

Don’t be a plebeian, you need a hat that tells everyone you mean business with this warm and colorful hat. Usable with formal and informal outerwear, this hat says to everyone “I wear an Asinus hat.”