Nine posts you’ll see on Facebook about the inauguration

Guaranteed you will see at least one of these

· Jan 19, 2017 Tweet

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Everyone has those stereotypical voices on their Facebook newsfeeds that represent all nuanced areas of the political and social spectrums, and those voices will be extra loud during the inauguration. If you don’t see any posts on Friday that even remotely represent these typical posts, then you need to request some new friends.

1. Your friend’s mom

“Theres not enough guns at the parade, what if radical ISIS terrorists attack? We need more good guys with guns.”

2. That super liberal white person you know

“Bernie would have gotten Kendrick to perform.”

3. That super-liberal minority you know

“The American political process has been a substantive means of division since slavery. By separating the powerful from the weak the government has been able to manipulate us into believing false pretenses. Bernie understood this, which is why he would’ve been able to get Kendrick to perform.”

4. The hick you went to high school with

“Great performance from Toby Keith a REAL american for a REAL president! #maga”

5. Grandma

“just left garden tomatos looking great ;now off to austins basketball game”

6. That white male business major from your ethnic studies class

“Some of you liberals really need to calm down. I don’t like Trump either (I voted for G. Johnson), but it won’t be as bad as you’re saying it will be. #letgarydebate

7. Your openly racist uncle

“Those liberal CRYBABYS at the womans march have NOTHING on the spectacular performance over by the capital. Trump is gonna make america great again and if you dont like it, get out”

8. Tomi Lahren


9. Rachel Maddow

“If you break it, you buy it! That’s right Trump, you’re going to pay if you ruin our country!”


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