UW students deserve better than a travel ban

International students, faculty at UW should not have to feel ashamed of where they come from


Educating women must remain a priority of Trump’s administration

Educating women should not be a partisan issue

UW-Madison Campus

H-1B visa program under federal review keeps UW faculty recruitment competitive

Recent 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order could bring changes to visas for foreign faculty


Point Counterpoint: Donald Trump is your president

Major political victories of the past year bring hope to those with conservative values on campus and beyond


Syrian airstrikes signal America’s return as trigger happy, war loving country

Military action alone does not, and will never, make America 'great'


Trump’s border wall will have serious ecological, environmental impacts

Possibility of harming thousands of plant and animal species creates a no-win situation in building massive structure

UW-Madison Campus

The rise of populism, nationalism isn’t a Trump phenomenon, experts say

Gerard Alexander said people have began to use 'populism' as negative term for arguments they don't like


Rhetoric surrounding Syrian airstrikes is remarkably hypocritical

After being anti-intervention for so long, pretending to get involved in this conflict for humanitarian reasons is downright foolish


I can’t tell if Sean Spicer is an idiot or not

It might be an accident, but the White House Press Secretary's distractions for the media seem to be working


Dear Mr. President, your vacations are more expensive than the programs you’re trying to defund

Trump's vacation habit shouldn't infringe on social programs for the general public