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UW professors talk about how corruption in government is shaping politics

One expert called congresspeople who go to jail for blackmail, bribery 'a few bad apples'


You can still love Trump while acknowledging he has no stable sense of national security

President completely lacks foresight when it comes to safety, choosing to tout his power at Americans' expense


Hey Trump, stop talking about the Electoral College and start condemning hate crimes

Amid waves of threats against Jewish community centers, Trump's silence is more telling than his words


Tread carefully Trump, Putin isn’t as innocent as he seems

President must understand Putin's illustrious background before engaging in any negotiations

City of Madison

Cap Times photojournalist shares power of Madison Muslim community

Bashir followed journey of Pakistani burn victim finding love for second time


Will the real Paul Ryan please stand up?

With the Trump administration already off the rails, Ryan has decided to cower rather than lead

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Robert Kennedy points the way for the future of progressives

Robert Kennedy's charismatic, populist attitude is exactly what the progressives need in their next candidate


Trump and his lies deserve their time in the news spotlight

It's high time Trump and his administration are called out for his lies and nonsense


Leaked executive order could wreak havoc on LGBTQ+ Americans

These are not attempts to protect religious freedom, they are attempts to formally legitimize conservative Christian power and influence in this country


Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is an example of what happens when we don’t get involved

The only way to stand up against the unqualified nonsense from President Trump and Secretary DeVos is to make your voice heard

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