Leadership not defined by title, but by actions

Citizens retain ability to become leaders, as shown by Lin-Manuel Miranda's massive relief efforts for Puerto Rico


Trump: 1, NFL: 0

While it may seems Trump's comments were errant, he knew their purpose all along


Understanding cause of bigotry among Trump supporters is crucial in mending racial divides

If intolerance emerges from lack of interracial contact, how can we make progress in racially homogeneous rural communities?


Trump’s transgender reforms inflame already serious societal problem

The biggest threat to the LGBTQ+ community comes directly from the White House


Kneeling at football games plays right into Trump’s hands

Players, coaches, broadcasters are ignoring that majority of Americans, don't watch football for the politics


Stop white-washing NFL protests — they are about systemic racism, not Trump

The goal of kneeling during the national anthem has been, and will always be, justice for people of color


President Trump’s “sovereignty” doctrine isn’t strength, it’s asinine

Failure to condemn Turkish President Erdogan's actions in Turkey produced tangible effects in U.S.


Point Counterpoint: Dreamers are just as American as you

Trump administration errs yet again in its decision to end DACA


Emmys get political, underrepresented groups make history

Celebrities talk about Donald Trump, Sean Spicer makes an appearance

City of Madison

With future of DACA uncertain, Soglin stresses importance of local immigrant community

Soglin said DACA recipients, other recent immigrants are making valuable contributions to city, state