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International human rights, technology expert lectures on dangers of disinformation

'Stop saying fake news... fake doesn’t begin to describe the complexity of this behavior,' expert says


Staying informed is important — but not always financially feasible

Though news organizations need financial stability of subscriptions, we must recognize inequalities in awareness created by financial barriers


An informed citizenry, a dynamic democracy: Fighting political misinformation

Spread of misinformation on social media threatens freedom of information

State of Wisconsin

Recent Facebook scandal suggests changes at state, federal legislative level

Data of 87 million Facebook users was compromised in companies biggest data crisis in history


Recent Facebook scandal prompts need for government regulation of large tech companies

Websites like Facebook should be seen, regulated like public utilities

Study Abroad

From 4,200 Miles Away: Real life doesn’t have an Instagram filter

It's cliche for a reason — nothing good comes from our obsession with picture-perfect lives


10 reasons why Mark Zuckerberg was in Madison

If you have a better idea let me know


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Social media has made everyone a performer, it’s time for the curtain call

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