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Point-counterpoint: Platforming controversial speakers

Recent 60 Minutes interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene raises debate over role of media, free speech

State of Wisconsin

Senator Baldwin, Attorney General Kaul push Meta for answers on poor customer service to Wisconsin small businesses

Wisconsin small corporation owners subject to lost income when locked out of social media accounts

Science News

UW committee finds ethical research approaches lend to honest results

'Ethics means that you're carrying out research in a fair, open, transparent way so everyone can understand what you are doing,' UW expert says


Big tech infiltration of healthcare industry presents patient privacy concerns

Hospitals' use of Meta Pixel may give Google, Facebook access to sensitive healthcare data


New Capital Times website offers path forward for local journalism

Newspaper broke ties with Madison.com, establishing new website with minimal digital advertisements


Honorlock invades students’ privacy, too expensive to justify

Alternative testing methods provide less expensive, less invasive option to deter cheating


Social media key in fostering grassroots organizing among youth voters

Youth voters' presence on social media has clear implications for political activism with real election impacts


Biden must address how “fake news” claims and media distrust continue to fuel Trump supporters

Effect of Donald Trump’s "fake news" campaign is the biggest hurdle to national unity


Social media Trump ban protects public safety, does not violate First Amendment

Unregulated speech of politicians and affiliated groups poses danger, risk to public safety


Social media monopoly on news consumption calls for increased government regulation for accuracy

With majority of young Americans looking to social media for news, information must be authenticated