With the org fair upon us, different clubs and organizations pull students every which way. Everyone knows about the big ones, but it’s the smaller clubs, which often go unnoticed, matter just as much. This list will spotlight a few of those hidden gems on our campus. Go get involved!

1. Badgers for Bernie Madoff

Last year, Badgers for Bernie helped spread the message for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. This year, a different Bernie is rocking campus! That would be the American fraudster himself, Bernie Madoff. This club will help you get a new Bern in your crotch!

2. Troll Club

Like hanging out under bridges? That’s how this club spends its time! Every weekend night you can find members of the troll club charging tolls under bridges around campus. Sounds like a fun time to me.


3. Drama Club

Do you like drama? I’m not talking about the theatre kind. This club meets once a week to dish on all the hottest gossip flying around campus. Can you say scandalous?


4. Riders of the 80

Do you enjoy riding the bus, or more specifically the 80? Then this club is just for you. Riders of the 80 currently have only one member, but you could be number two! This club meets Friday nights and rides the 80 for a couple of hours. I could think of worse ways to spend my time.

5. White Male Club

Finally there is a club for white males. It’s about time white males got something they could call their own. This club gathers once a week during Packers games to complain about the idea of white privilege, hate on Colin Kaepernick and laugh at feminists.


6. Business LARP

Have you always wanted to be a businessman like your poppa? Come to Business LARP! LARP, or Live Action Role Playing, has previously only been defined as styrofoam swords and magic spells but Business LARP Club is changing that definition. Every other week this club gathers and pretends to be big, important businessmen and women for a few hours. B.Y.O.S.C (Bring your own suitcase).


7. Drinking

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You get together, you drink and then you go home. Hey, you’re going to do it anyway, so you might as well be able to put it under the involvement portion of your resume.


8. Meme Club

Are you tired of being one step behind when it comes to the latest internet memes? Join the meme club and post about the next internet sensation before suburban high school students run it into the ground.


9. Campus Hunters

Everyone knows about the infamous UW turkey, want to kill it? Campus hunters meet every full moon to hunt, capture and kill the animals that threaten our livestock. Camouflage highly recommended.


10. Brendan Fraser Fan Club

This club meets daily to watch the movie Furry Vengeance staring Brendan Fraser.