If living to 100 years old is something you keep in mind, then Mooyah Burger’s 100th opening is not the special occasion for you.

Monday, Aug. 29, Mooyah on State Street will be participating in the franchise wide 100th store-opening giveaway. Starting at 11 a.m., everything will revolve around the number 100 until — you guessed it — 100 days after.

The main event begins at 11 a.m. when the first 100 people in line will receive a voucher for free french fries with every purchase for an entire year, but more importantly it comes with a free T-shirt.

Mooyah may open at 11 a.m., but remember, the only people who receive free french fries (FOR A WHOLE YEAR) are the first 100 people in line. This event may be the opportune time to invest in a new tent and potentially a gas mask if things get out of hand. It might be wise to get there a bit early.

Mooyah part-owner Josh Bergeson speculated the line will probably begin much earlier than the 11 a.m. opening because of the restaurant’s proximity to the University of Wisconsin campus.

“We are one of the few [Mooyahs] next to a campus,” Bergeson said. He said he believes it to be a great deal for college students so he expects to see State Street lined with hungry adolescents.

Don’t worry everybody, if you aren’t a part of the “Refunded One Hundred” who get free fries, there will be Mooyah deals for the next 100 days on the Mooyah app. The deals are mostly unannounced, but Bergeson explained that Mooyah is giving away $10 everyday for 100 days. Just enough to almost purchase two burgers at Mooyah.

Best of luck to all those that compete for free french fries, and just a little advice to anyone who gets it: If you are awarded the title of “Free French Fry Person,” all of us normal people would very much appreciate if you could spare a fry as you sit on your high horse of deep fried empowerment.