2020 brought enough bad news for a lifetime, including the departure of some of our go-to comfort shows from Netflix. We may have lost “The Office” and “Friends,” but there are still plenty of binge-worthy comfort shows on Netflix. Here’s a list of shows that are perfect for binging in 2021.

“New Girl”

When newly-single Jess (Zooey Deschanel) moves into an apartment with three men, these unique personalities must learn to live together. This show’s ensemble cast plays the lovable characters perfectly and the hilarious writing is sure to make you laugh. If you’re looking for a show with short episodes and witty, quotable dialogue, “New Girl” is for you.

“Criminal Minds”

Though it’s not for the faint of heart, this show is great for anyone who enjoys a good mystery. A team of FBI profilers work to catch criminals by attempting to understand their twisted minds. Each episode is its own story, but the characters help to maintain a familiarity throughout the series. If you like crime TV, this is a must-watch.

“The Vampire Diaries”

If you’re craving drama and romance, “The Vampire Diaries” will certainly deliver. Vampires, werewolves, witches and more — this is the supernatural adventure you’ve been missing. With ongoing storylines that will keep you captivated, this show is a perfect binge. 

“Grace and Frankie”

When their husbands come out as gay and leave their wives for each other, Grace and Frankie’s lives are turned upside down. This severely underrated show has endearing characters played by iconic actors and is a great option for a binge. 

“Queer Eye”

On this heartwarming reality series, a team of five queer people help to change lives across the country with their all-encompassing makeovers. Be sure to have tissues on hand, because the transformations are emotional.

“Greys Anatomy”

With 16 seasons and counting, “Grey’s Anatomy” is the longest running medical drama on TV. The stories and the characters have kept this show interesting for more than 15 years. Fair warning, you might be tempted to switch your major to pre-med.