Known for his viral Facebook videos and fun and energetic style, Instagram personality Roy Purdy has hit the Internet with his highly anticipated new single, “WALK IT OUT!

“WALK IT OUT!” reached No. 13 on SoundCloud’s “New & hot” chart, receiving more than 300,000 listens on the platform in less than a week. Produced entirely by Purdy, the track highlights Purdy’s talent as a musician though he’s relatively new to the game.

“I’m just getting into producing,” Purdy said. “It’s not my specialty yet, but I’m excited to continue to get better at it as I make more songs.”

Purdy opens the song with his producer tag, “It’s yah boy Roy,” along with a bit from the TV cartoon, “Spongebob Squarepants.” His lyrics emphasize his pride in himself and how he’s comfortable in his own shoes. It’s choices like these that give his fans something to love and look up to.

In a combination of clever lyrics and a smooth, simple beat, the rising rap artist is surprising the world and showing us what he’s made of — and his roots lie close to Madison.

Born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin, the 20-year-old finds inspiration in being different from what’s normal — and judging by his ’80s fashion style and asymmetrical pink and green sunglasses, it’s obvious he aspires to exist outside of the norm.

Purdy attended college at the University of Colorado Boulder and studied film, but after realizing college wasn’t for him, he dropped out to pursue music. Purdy still intends on making short films down the road.

As someone with a lot of exposure and a large following, Purdy said it’s inevitable to receive criticism. Constructive criticism is acknowledgeable and worth considering, but any type of negative criticism is ignored, Purdy said.

“WALK IT OUT!” is the first song Purdy recorded with a music engineer, Purdy said.

“I liked working with an engineer much better,” Purdy said. “Before that, I had recorded and mixed all my own stuff.”

A week before “WALK IT OUT!” dropped, Purdy released his “WHO RUN IT” remix, and the music video gained more than 1 million views on YouTube in less than a week. The remix shows the capabilities Purdy holds as a rapper, and after receiving appraisal from Smokepurpp and other rappers on Instagram, it’s evident Purdy is quickly becoming reputable and is expanding his fanbase rapidly.

Purdy plans on touring internationally within the next few years. In April he made his Madison debut as an opener for University of Wisconsin graduate Yung Gravy, where he performed his songs “Pink and Green” and “Livin These Days,” including a performance of “WALK IT OUT!” prior to its release.

“Touring with Gravy was really fun, he and the crew were really nice,” Purdy said. “Good people, good times.”

“WALK IT OUT!” is available on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music, and the official YouTube video can be found on Purdy’s YouTube channel.