The scent of midterm season is thick in the air, with notes of tears and freshly opened textbooks diffused throughout the campus air. While this is a very stressful environment, a beacon of hope looms just beyond the horizon, as midterms must cease before spring break allows all to take a well-needed break and relax.

Despite this prime week of recovery, our bodies will only allow us to sleep for so many hours of the day. Luckily, online streaming services provide the quality content we need in order to maximize laziness and binge watching over spring break.

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My picks are devised with fluff in mind, eschewing complex thoughts for lighter fare since the likelihood of a fried brain over spring break is high.

It’s not the best time to start viewing that new series you wanted to get into as your mental capacity might not be prime for complex plots after the stress of exams. Sit back, relax and enjoy some mindless fare you’ve never seen before.

The Prince and Me

What better way to celebrate being off campus sleeping than watching a flick set on the University of Wisconsin campus that will put you to sleep? In this film, Julia Stiles struggles to fulfill her literature breadth requirements and turns to her annoying chemistry partner for help, who happens to be a prince. You can find out how the characters work together at a (non-existent) deli in Memorial Union and learn why a prince would willingly choose to take Chemistry 343. You can view this film on Amazon Prime.

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13 going on 30

This picture hearkens back to a simpler time where we were oblivious to the amount of work and effort it takes just to get an unpaid internship and instead dreamed of magically being “thirty, flirty and thriving” in our ideal lives. Get pumped with a soundtrack of  ‘80s bops as Jennifer Garner figures out the deep void known as college is relatively unimportant in our professional and romantic lives and skips directly from middle school to a mid-life crisis.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

New to Netflix this month, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” helps make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation over break instead of staying tied to your bed. At least in bed you won’t run into your ex on your way to class, unlike how Peter runs into Sarah on the island in this flick. Clear your mind with Jason Segel’s comedic break-up tale, complete with singing vampire puppets.

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The Emoji Movie

I would only recommend this title, which came to Netflix last month, to those who truly wish to cease all mental activity over break. With a 9 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this isn’t exactly the kind of quality fare you’d want to watch every day. But you can’t argue with trying to make sense of talking hands and Sir Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji when your mind is recovering from the fry of three midterms.