Hitlist: Feast on this, indie kids

Get ready for some heavy jamz

· Apr 24, 2017 Tweet

Matthew Norman/The Badger Herald

Damn, Madison! The indie/punk/rock music scene has been hopping lately with visiting bands and local favorites.

Anyone who found themself dancing at Fin Zipper, Trophy Dad, Slow Pulp and Greenhaus shows in the past few weeks likely has a pretty bad case of whiplash, so, the Hitlist this week is inspired by the touring bands that have played shows around here lately, and those everyone wishes would come (*cough* Mac Demarco *cough*). This one is for you indie kids to feast your ears on.

Happy jamming!

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  1. “Don’t Get Taken” — Acid Dad
  2. “I Want A Taste” — White Arrows
  3. “Wire” — Omni
  4. “Carl Sagan” — Night Moves
  5. “Holy Toledo” — Vundabar
  6. “Slime Time Live” — IAN SWEET
  7. “Egg” — The Garden
  8. “City Club” — The Growlers
  9. “Heft” — Japanese Breakfast
  10. “Tokyo Summer” — Mounties
  11. “Paralyzed” — Honduras
  12. “Ode to Viceroy” — Mac Demarco
  13. “Rules” — Hoops
  14. “Flower Girl” — Sloucher
  15. “Naturally Lazy” — Native America
  16. “Pussy Weed Beer” — Chastity Belt
  17. “All4you” — The Palms
  18. “Louis Sachar” — Trophy Dad
  19. “Flowers on the Wall” — Tomorrows Tulips
  20. “Giant Tortoise” — Pond
  21. “Home at Last” — HOMESHAKE
  22. “Shalala” — Moses Gunn Collective
  23. “Indigo” — Kississippi
  24. “Super Low” — Warehouse
  25. “When I Get Home” — Post Animal
  26. “I Don’t Wanna Miss You” — Twin Peaks
  27. “Early Bird” — Fin Zipper

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