Growing up there were three sweet things I always wanted to eat: swiss rolls, oatmeal creme pies and nutty bars.

I mainly liked them because they were incredibly sweet and they had a frosting of some kind. Even though technically the nutty bars have peanut butter, they were perfectly sweet.

I see people trying to recreate childhood baked goods all the time, so I figured it was my turn to throw my hat in the ring of recipes.

The process

For my rendition of an oatmeal creme pie, start off by mixing butter, eggs, vanilla, brown sugar and white sugar.

Add the rest of the ingredients until fully mixed. The dough will be thick, so use your hands instead of a spatula.

Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald

I have some tragic news — I broke my favorite hedgehog spatula. The lesson here is don’t overdo it with the mixing and don’t underestimate the thickness of dough.

When adding in the oats, make sure there are no random clumps. Mix thoroughly.

Use two normal sized spoons to make balls for the cookies.

Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald

Press down the tops of the cookies once placed on the greased pan. The cookies do not rise or expand that much, but still leave around 2 inches apart.

Try to make each of the cookies approximately the same size.

Bake for 7 to 10 minutes. Create the frosting by mixing together the butter, powdered sugar and water with a hand mixer.

Add in the marshmallow fluff. I know it sounds weird. When tasting the Little Debbie snacks, the frosting does not taste like a standard buttercream frosting. I thought the marshmallow fluff would add something different, and it turned out to be awesome.


Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald

Once out of the oven, let the cookies cool. Otherwise you will be greeted with a huge mess when putting them together.

I personally like to use a piping bag or a Ziploc bag to pipe the frosting in between the cookies. Try to match up the two cookies with the most similar sizes.

They don’t exactly look like the Little Debbie treats, but they taste extremely similar, and the cookie don’t end up too dry.

The recipe

Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald